2 biggies: bentgo up to 45% OFF & ugg fluff yeah slide $29.99

published5 months ago
1 min read

Hey, Reader!

SO MANY of you have requested that I research and share when Bentgo lunchboxes, carriers, and icepacks go on sale, so HERE YOU ARE!! And? Another big request: Ugg!

1.) What everyone's been asking for: Bentgo up to 45% off!!

If you have littles in your life, if you make lunches for yourself or others, or if you have to eat a meal outside of the house several times a week, you will love Bentgo--

Order now so it's at your doorstep by the time school begins!

2.) Viral UGG Fluff Yeah Slide for ONLY $29.99

Perfect for wearing around the house--scratch that--perfect for wearing just about anywhere--these Ugg Fluff Yeah Slides are usually $100!

Grab them now, with my link below, for $29.99! (Sizes are limited so check this out ASAP!)

Hope these deals bless you like I think it will! Things are moving quickly, so head over now!

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