personalized, special gifts that will get here in time for the holidays (for less than $15!)

published10 months ago
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Hey, Reader!

There's nothing like the right personalized gift to really make someone smile.

Right now, you can score really fun personalized gifts over on Zulily that are actually cool and that are real crowd-pleasers, AND you get $15 off of your order when you order $75+ of personalized planet gifts. . . AND you get FREE SHIPPING on all Zulily when orders are $89+.

Here are 3 that I love:

1) Snowflake Name Ornament

For less than $20 this super-cute Snowflake Name Ornament is something that teachers would love, principals, hairdressers, neighbors, you name it. Use the person's last name for a really special gift!

2) Family Holiday Rules Canvas

I've always said that the more that we can incorporate holiday decorations with holiday-words and phrases, the better because that means our kids will be reading more!

This holiday canvas has a ton of words that will be perfect for your kids to read during the holidays. It's simple, festive, and fun--and it's high-interest reading!

3) Holiday Name Mugs

Especially if you have little ones in your life, you want--and need!--to have everyday items that celebrate their names. Names, names, NAMES are often the first words our kids read, so let's plaster those important words everywhere we can!

These fun holiday name mugs do just that--the mugs are cute and simple, and all winter long you'll have your kids staring at their names. Before you know it, they'll be reading and writing on their own!

Reply to let me know if you decide to go for any of these gifts!

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